About Us

Welcome to Art Engraved. A totally new way to look at art!

“2D” is two dimension (length and width) art, usually on paper … photographs. “3D” is three dimension (length, width and depth) art, sometimes done on wood … carvings. Now Art Engraved ™ brings to you “2.5D” ™ ©!!!! You get the benefits of a carving from the price of a photograph!

Hand drawn art is engraved on imported Baltic Birch wood. The wood is then sanded, given several layers of Polyurethane clear satin, waxed with carnauba bee’s wax. The result is art that even the blind can “see”! You can run your fingers through their hair, feel the outline of their face, touch the lips. Its as though, the person has come to life. One customer termed it very well, “immortalizing!”

We do not use glass in frames because we encourage people to touch our art. For that reason we use suede matting to withstand hand traffic. The frames we use are made of Walnut wood.

It has taken us more than five years to perfect this type of art, and we welcome you to try it. You will not be disappointed!

Elephant   Reagan  Mexico