About Us

Art Engraved creates distinctive art that is meaningful to our clientele's hearts and interests. Custom pieces can be made on-demand. In addition, Art Engraved creates other products such as decorative mugs, presidential portraits, and animal collections for Zoos across the US.

The process begins with drawing the subject or object to be engraved. Care is taken to emphasize the elements of the finished product that will be deeply engraved. This is a delicate process that balances the intended contours with the depth accentuated by the engraving.

Art Engraved is constantly reviewing various materials and regularly adapts techniques as needed for custom pieces. Imported Baltic Birch wood perfectly lends its strength and elasticity properties, and suits laser engraving.

Engraving is done by laser equipment which ensures precision, guarantees accurate depths and widths, and all nuances are achieved. The finishing is critical in creating a warm, glowing and lasting memorable piece. After engraving, the wood is sanded to ensure no splinters or any other residue material. When our clientele touch their pieces, the grooves, textures and surfaces gives them a sense of art that they can feel at a touch.

All pieces are sprayed with layers of polyurethane. This protects our pieces from the elements and humidity. Carnauba wax is used for extra protection and shine, and high quality suede mats are mounted around the edges. Art Engraved clientele has a choice of frames that can be customized.

The Artist

Ben Ziraba Nyende

Born and raised in Uganda, Ben studied technical drawing at Kololo SS, under mentorship of Hamala and Abyero. Ben moved to London, UK, in the mid-1970’s where for many years he was an art dealer and supporter of African artists.

In the early 1990’s, Ben moved to Los Angeles, CA, where he started his own business, Art Engraved. His art and wood engravings portraits include American Presidents. His art has been on display at Presidential Libraries of Lincoln, Garfield, Nixon and Reagan. Ben was commissioned to draw 9 visiting Presidents (including the legendary Nelson Mandela), and over 200 Mayors, and 22 Kings and Queens

For his animal artistry, Ben partnered with various zoos (including the well-renowned Bronx Zoo in New York); treasured National Parks (such as Chobe National Park, Mweya National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Para Lodge in Uganda); and animal sanctuaries (such as Santa Ana Animal Sanctuary in the CA).

Ben’s current project is a tribute to US Mayors, his artistry of wood engraved portraiture and their connection with businesses who’ve been integral in their individual city’s growth.

Art Engraved Projects

Art Engraved is in partnership with major US cities in chronicling the various mayors and achievements during their respective terms in office.

Art Engraved Products

Art Engraved is in partnership with major US cities in chronicling the various mayors and achievements during their respective terms in office.