Showcase Developments

Did the mayor do it all by themselves? Definitely not. We use the mayors to symbolize the united effort that the entire council members achieve. We provide an opportunity to show case these developments

Give each city a voice

We give each city a voice, a way or a method to showcase the beauty that they have created in their cities and how it has proved to be bountiful. The cities can show case their unique practices, how they've tackled challenges and overcome significant problems.

Give businesses a voice

We provide businesses a way to air out what's helped or hindered them. Businesses can highlight what's made them competitive or not. We'll also make businesses better known enabling them to connect to local schools, hospital, elders' homes and other establishments in the city.

City Day

We are working with the city to host a City Day where we'll present the mayor's portraits to the city. City Day will provide local businesses an opportunity to showcase their products and engage with the city residents.